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Apr. 22nd, 2010



the Empties

Hello, again!
I have officially posted the first and second chapter of the Empties on my journal.
If you have not already, I suggest you read the plot. But, if you don't want to that is fine to. Please comment - anything is fine. I love feedback. It makes me happy.

Plot: charliehorse3.livejournal.com/515.html
Chapter 1: charliehorse3.livejournal.com/1833.html
Chapter 2: charliehorse3.livejournal.com/2253.html

Nov. 4th, 2009


(no subject)

He lived in the part of town where the only sign it was autumn was the sidewalk became so covered with leaves it should have been considered a public safety concern—except who cared about the safety of people here? Not the police. Not the politicians. And certainly not the stained-glass crowd. It never bothered him, though. He liked the cement slippery from rotting foliage. It made it more dangerous; less boring.

Aug. 10th, 2009



(no subject)

Flowers For Anne

Every morning, Roy leaves flowers for Anne. Sometimes violet, sometimes red, but mostly yellow because those were from the dandelions found in the spring patches of lawn peaking between thin crusts of snow. Anne is sixty-seven years blind, and she cares little for the color, can hardly remember most of them... but she likes the thought of a man doing such things for her, which is strange, because she can't touch the petals for fear of ruining the flower, and rarely can she decipher what it looks like at all. Roy likes to describe it with lush detail that compare her eyes to pollen, and sometimes this is enough to make her smile, because she does like the thought of a man doing such things for her.

She also likes to smell the fragrance...Collapse )

Jul. 29th, 2009



Nice weather today...

The quick beginning of a story. It's sort and a bit brief. Tell me what you think.. (any input is appreciated) Thank you!

Nice weather today...Collapse )

Jun. 13th, 2009

Miles Prower




The moon silently engulfs the fountains in a brilliant bath
--- of irridescent shards of silver light.
The white lilies bathe in the ethereal glow of a million flecks
--- of crystal while the fountains laugh a metallic clangor.
The pines sigh and ponder as the soft, cool evening breeze
--- soothes and caresses them with a mild hush.
Reflected in the eyes of a frog, balancing on the metallic surface
--- of the water is the gaze of a million and one stars, parted by
--- the milky band of the galaxy's arm, and the ephemeral lights
--- that pass over us.
A rusty nail hangs feebly out of a pallid plank on the hay-strewn
--- floor of a barn, basking in the lunar lustre.
A nightingale sings out into the night, resounding around every
--- recess of the glade into which it sings; every notes reaching
--- the very depths of it's little heart, and every reed gently bending
--- with the flexing melody of the little avian chanteuse.
The Harlequin practices his dance on the stage agleam, his white
--- face blends with the luminous lunar glow and disappears into
--- the cavernous reaches of the night..

Apr. 26th, 2009



and if you listen
could i hear you?
would it make a
distance and delusions
divide us now
you say you know
the truth
but what is your truth?
my truth?
and you think you know me
but how can you
when i don't know

Mar. 19th, 2009


itching to know

first time long time.
I have some random phrases that mean so much to me. I'll place them to see if they touch you too.

I laughed so hard, not knowing if its because I was truly happy and content. Or if its the scream of the despondent madman lying beneath.
Itching to know, thirsting to care.
Stop faking life.
Don't have too much fun. :)
I miss my girl, my muse, my love, life, and light. I miss your warmth. I miss our combined glow.
Foreign body, stranger's face. I miss the child I was. Back to when I can't even remember.
I'm only sick this year.
I'll be better next life.

Mar. 9th, 2009


(no subject)

The moon lit your features.
And suddenly there was light shining in your eyes.
Something so beautiful
Swept me out of the darkness
I can’t remember a time I didn’t need you.
Hearts of innocence and hearts of passion.
Racing past time.
Slow down and watch the moonlight.
Let yourself rest on the grass.
I’ll lie there beside you
With every thought but not a word.

Jan. 22nd, 2009



Golden Days

She spent her youth hating the dry, ancient land.
She had knelt, praying for rain,
a break in the monotony of sun and golden dirt,
to fall down, to splash everything with gray.
Flash floods that erased
paths left by wary animals,
torrents that sent lonely tumbleweeds on their journeys,
rolling lazily across the blacktop.
Driving down the highway
she would swerve
to avoid the tangled, dry masses
as though the old red jeep
would crumble upon impact.

Jan. 8th, 2009


First Post

Hi. This is a short story that's been in my notebook for a while now. I thought I'd type it up and see what people think. It's not necessarily over, there are obviously a lot of things I added which didn't get any play in the grand scheme of things. I'd love to hear what you guys think. Thanks for taking the time.

The Dog ParkCollapse )

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