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tinklepanties in writetothe_sky

First Post

Hi. This is a short story that's been in my notebook for a while now. I thought I'd type it up and see what people think. It's not necessarily over, there are obviously a lot of things I added which didn't get any play in the grand scheme of things. I'd love to hear what you guys think. Thanks for taking the time.

Mia watched her Great Dane, Bowser, romp around the dog park. He wagged his tail the entire time as he sniffed and ran with the four other dogs in the park. There was Gus, a very slobbery, friendly English Bulldog. He belonged to a young couple. The kind of people who get a dog as baby practice. They were good dog parents at least. Tina, a very prissy Pomeranian, had a bark worse than her bite. She was the adored pooch of a posh retiree. Tina frisked about from owner to owner looking for attention from humans but generally rejected all the other dogs in the park.

Bowser was engaged in some intense play with his best friend, Amelia. Amelia belonged to a kind old man who sat alongside Mia on a park bench. Amelia's human, Frank, was the fatherly type. He was always interested in Mia's love life. She generally brushed him off but she felt his gentle pressure even when he wasn't around. Since she had lost both her parents when she was 18, Mia appreciated him despite his constant worry.

"Who own's the shaggy dog?" Mia asked Frank.
"I guess that guy over there." Frank pointed to the right where a man stood near the hedges lining the fence.

The shaggy dog was mostly white with a gray back end and a fluffy white tail. He wagged and pranced around Bowser and Amelia who each took a moment of caution to sniff the newcomer before leading the shaggy dog off in a game of chase. The owner looked relieved to see his dog fitting in and relaxed his posture. Mia recalled her first time at the dog park being similar, almost like the first day of school. From where she was sitting she could only tell that he was tall and fairly well built, not muscular or fat or skinny, just average. He wore jeans, white tee shirt and topped it off with a blue baseball cap, hiding his hair - Mia mentally noted.

Frank nudged Mia in a suggestive way.
"Go see who he is." he said.
"I already know who he is," she said. Frank raised an eyebrow. "He's the guy with the shaggy dog." Mia finished turning away from Frank's bemused eyes.

Letting out an exasperated sigh, Frank pressed his hands hard against the bench in an attempt to stand up. Catching him by the arm when he wobbled Mia couldn't but notice that he'd been getting much slower these days. She knew nothing of Frank's life outside of the dog park and she simply worried for his safety.

"Do you need a ride home, Frank?"

He waved his hand dismissively at the offer and called for Amelia. Once she was near Frank her playful demeanor changed. As soon as her leash was clipped on she was all business. Frank was going blind and Amelia went from his beloved pup to his service dog, though she was much more than that. The bond that connected man and dog was that of soul mates. Amelia was meant for Frank. He patted her gently on her head and said, "Let's get home, old girl." Amelia gingerly strolled alongside her human observing his every step as they left the Highland Dog Park. Even hyperactive, spastic Bowser was respectful of Amelia the working dog as though he understood the difference and sat at Mia's feet with his head cocked to one side.

"Bye, Frank."
"See you tomorrow, toots."

The departure commotion had caught the eye of the shaggy dog's human. He stared at Mia long enough to make her a little uncomfortable. Hastily, she snapped Bowser's leash on and also headed home, hoping shaggy dog's guy wasn't a weirdo stalker. She realized she was probably being foolish, mainly because she couldn't imagine anyone wanting to rape her in a dog park or anywhere else for that matter. At 5'8" Mia weighed... well no one, not even Mia knew what she weighed. She tried to delight in her shape; the curve of her breasts, the width of her hips, her soft round tummy and her full face. There was no denying her attractiveness. Many people had told her in her life, "You have a beautiful face". No matter how much she tried to love herself, the harsh fact was - she was fat. That dirty three letter word.

Every morning she and Bowser strolled five blocks to the dog park. Bowser ran his heart out while Mia tried to wake up fully interspersed by chats with Frank. Then after an hour or so Mia and Bowser would stroll back to their apartment building and that was the extent of her exercise. While she loved herself, she worked in an environment filled with sickeningly gorgeous woman all day. It was hard to feel beautiful among insanely thin models. After lunch she literally couldn't enter a Ladies Room without hearing a choir of vomiting. Quite the gastrointestinal drawback, however the job pays. And the biggest perk was the fact that it was part time, giving her time to do what she really wanted.

The next few days at the dog park, Frank and Amelia only stayed 20 minutes before they left. Frank looked weaker than ever. Though the shaggy dog and his human were there each day as well, he didn't rib her to ask him out as he usually would. The man would look their way sometimes offer a friendly wave. He didn't seem so creepy anymore. She did notice he had shaggy brown hair that covered his ears and scattered about haphazardly. Though she paid very little attention to the shaggy man or his shaggy dog. Mia's concern was with Frank. It grew as he continually waived her offers to get him a cab or walk him home.

It was on a Sunday morning that Mia's concern had become full blown fear as Frank sat hunched over coughing hard and barely breathing.

"Frank, do you need me to take you to the doctor?"

He declined her offer despite her repeated insistence that he need to get help.

"But Frank..." Mia pleaded as Frank leashed up Amelia.

"Dammit, Mia. I'm not going to any doctor! Let an old man be." He snapped at her.

The shaggy guy watched from his spot by the hedges as Mia turned her back to hide her anguish and Frank ambled out of the park. Bowser nudged his hand under Mia's limp hand affectionately as if to say, "I'm here for you". No other dogs were in the park and neither Bowser or the shaggy dog seemed to feel much like playing anymore so Mia was gathering her things when Amelia came running back into the park, dragging her leash behind her, whining frantically. The shaggy human and Mia exchanged fearful glances and both bolted out of the dog park where they found Frank had collapsed a few feet away from the entrance.

The shaggy dog's human pulled out a cell phone to dial 911. He was calm though Mia felt frantic. It was a blur to Mia but the man who's name she still didn't know offered to take the dogs; Bowser, Amelia and Rags to his apartment and meet her at the hospital. He devised this plan just moments before she hopped into the back of the ambulance. Normally Bowser didn't make a move without her but she just knew she could trust this guy - Rags' human. Finally, she knew the dog's name but still not his. Frank would get a kick out of that when she told him.

The ride to the hospital was all a haze at one point one EMT yelled to the other that Frank had an unstable pulse. She allowed herself to be practically shoved out of the way while they worked over him. Without a word to her as the ambulance halted in front of the hospital, they rushed him in leaving Mia to fill out forms. She didn't know any of Frank's information. How could she know his Social Security number? She took a wild guess at his address and probably misspelled his last name. These forms told her no matter how much she thought she knew about Frank she was severely lacking very important information. Who could she contact? Did he even have relatives? He spoke of no one.

Mia handed the nurse at Reception the uncompleted forms. The nurse scowled at her and started to complain at the lack of detail. Mia couldn't hear her or see her. The guy, Rags' human, was there. Somehow, for whatever reason, he was going to make this go away.

"Shut up." she said in a disconnected voice, startling the nagging nurse.

The guy walked right up to Mia and pulled her to him. His shirt smelled like Tide and deodorant. Fresh tears rolled down her cheeks. It was finally alright for her to be the one who could stand aside because this guy was here. They sat in silence waiting for any news of Frank. Mia never thought to ask him his name. After two hours a solemn faced doctor met them in the waiting room. He explained that Frank had been suffering with lung cancer for a long time and despite their best efforts there was just nothing that could have been done for him. He apologized again, shook hands with the guy and briskly walked away - fleeing as to not get caught in the back draft of his news.

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