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fallenlives in writetothe_sky

Nice weather today...

The quick beginning of a story. It's sort and a bit brief. Tell me what you think.. (any input is appreciated) Thank you!

Courtesy. It meant walking down a few blocks, to the general store, just to pick up some milk. It wasn't like a chore - where one was likely to be paid - rather it was a matter of dignity. Of course, the person presenting courtesy could easily ignore the act. However, leaving an old lady to walk down such a distance, in the rain, was just atrocious.

So that was how he found himself walking home clutching the handle of a wet, plastic grocery bag. The rain seemed to have slowed and it's attempt to penetrate the bag and the milk carton it contained discontinued. Even so the sky didn't clear. Huge gray clouds still covered the sun which had attempted to peek out earlier. It was so dreary out. One of those days you'd rather just sleep away.

"Ahh nice weather we're having today," voiced a character from behind the boy. He had not noticed following footsteps behind him. Feeling disturbed he turned to see the cheery, particular follower. It was a woman. She wore a long, tan coat the was much too big on her. Her hair wrapped in a scarf, and it shadowed her unseen face. She seemed relucant to talk, but her gloved hands were outstretched as she regarded the weather. Her hands, in a position that of a scale, slowly raised higher until they were over her head. There, she stopped in an eerie silence.

The silence was suddenly filled in by hushed voices. They resounded over and over again, but slowly they got louder. First starting as a whisper they turned into screams as loud as a clap of thunder. Dropping the plastic bag, so he might cover both his ears the boy found it did no good. Falling to his knees, in sheer pain, held his ears tightly. His eyes never leaving the woman. She was looking up at the sky now. People passing by didn't notice her strange strance, but rather looked oddly down at the crouching boy. They could not hear the voices.  It started raining. The sheets of rain blocked his view of the strange woman. He could tell though that her gaze was now on him. Was she smiling? He couldn't tell. The sky lighted up dangerously, and he could already see what was to happen. Before he could open his mouth to warn the lady the light charged down directly in front of him. It was bright and burned his eyes, and soon everything was white and gone.


I'm intrigued. :)

April 2010



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