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indepence in writetothe_sky

The Gray Wall

Title: The Gray Wall (is to be continued/not complete)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Daily Life (It will contain slash, but nothing bad. As goes the rating xDD)
Intro: A whisper. A touch or feeling. Something is to break the soundness. Never changing, and never ending. Only to live in the same day over. Only to see the same color on each. Only to dull the senses… Endlessly.

A harsh breath erupted in the still room. To sharp eyes spilled open and the bed creaked with strain as the owner slid up from under the warmth of the covers. Sweat droplets formed over his sharp brow as the lungs panted for air. After taking a few soothing breaths the eyes glared around the lighting room in suspicion. It had been a dream that had forced such a reaction out of the still and gently lit room. Like a rock hitting a puddle the noise rippled out into the corners of the room and seeped through small cracks in the walls.

Just as it was done a rather feverish knocking was heard at the door. The rhythm was uneven and rather anxious as if the owner had too much caffeine or was irritably impatient. The bed creaked, as did the floor, when the suspicious character began to the door. To stop the endless beating he flipped the lock up and swung the door open. The knocker still had their hand up in position when the door suddenly swung open. Looking rather guilty, like a child caught stealing a cookie, the knocker awkwardly bent the hand being their back and looked up at the man. “What are you doing here?” the man asked before the rather anxious character could say anything.

That was all the encouragement the person needed to gain their confidence back. Slightly baffled on what to say first the small man put the palm of his hand on the late sleeper’s chest and gave them a shove into the room and swiftly closed the door behind him. “What am I doing here? What do you think? Not showing up at work again on time. Honestly your going to get fired,” the man began to his lecturing and walked into the room that the other man had previously left. “I’m setting your alarm clock for tomorrow!” he shouted from inside the room. The late sleeper shook his head and began toward his room to sit at the bed. He turned to watch his friend click anxiously at the buttons. With a series of beeps he set it on the proper time. “Look at your messy room,” his voice said in disapproval.

“I don’t like cleaning,” the man answered simply and rubbed his temples. He wasn’t expecting any guests… After a few moments of silence he peeped through his fingers at the other man who had a rather large pile of clothes wrapped in his two stubby arms… “Why did you come,” he moaned slightly.

“Didn’t we go over this already?” the other man answered from behind a dirty pair of jeans. “You were late for work and I was worried.”

“Why? Why do you care,” he said again rather annoyed. Why did this stupid man come over so early in the morning just because he didn’t come to work? Nobody else in work really cared if he showed or not. So why did he have to deal with this kid?

“Since you’re my friend!” he with a rather hurt expression.  He looked the other in the eyes for several seconds then turned away to continue his quest of cleaning the floor from it’s current state.

After seeing the kid’s hurt expression he felt slightly bad and to turned away from him. He started at the wall which was a painted a light gray. A dull gray that described his life. It was nothing, but that gray wall. It went by without needing light nor dark. So it had neither light nor dark. It stayed the same and never wavered. It was unaffected. “I’m sorry,” he said with his back still on the boy, however his tone sincere.

The room remained silent with the exception of the busy boy picking up clothes. It remained that way for several minutes and the older man listened to the soft creaks in the floor as he paced around. Slowly the creaks got closer to the bed until they stopped right by it. Then there was a ruffling sound in about the covers of the bed. The man turned around to see what he was up to… Only to be greeted by a rather sudden impact. He blinked for a second to get what had happened. There sat the boy… Cross legged on the edge of his rather large bed. His eyes were wide and friendly and in his hand he had a rather fluffy pillow. “It’s punishment,” he declared from the edge of the bed.

That was when a devilish grin came across the older man’s face…

--to be continued--



Part 2

Part two has officially been released!!!
So go to my journal to read.


April 2010



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