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indepence in writetothe_sky

Test Time

A short story.


WARNING: Some cursing.
Title: Circles

There I sat, scribbling random shit all over the bold lines, trying to come up with something similar about the two stories. It was the English exams… oh, the horror. I believe we had less than twenty minutes, but it wasn’t like I could be sure. After all if I were to peel my glued face of the quiz, who know what would happen? Previously, accused of cheating,… I couldn’t take any risks; just for the record I didn’t cheat. It seemed that the more effort I put into it - the more I failed. Then if I put none it would be perfect. Pure shit.
    My theory is that because the essay is so long the teachers don’t feel like grading it. Either that or the beginning is really good and then I rush to the end to make it look like a big headed bird with scrawny legs. So it was all about balance or level of writing throughout the whole essay? Or was it about the lack of my teacher’s attention? Lack of the teacher’s attention, definitely.

    Rolling my pencil up and down my desk while I thought was just another habit of mine. Besides chewing on things when I was nervous such as my collar, my sleeve, and possibly my hair. I don’t really chew on my hair any more, since my mother scowled me. As she will be doing when she sees my holey sleeves. It was stress, what could I say? Besides the point, the room was dead silent besides the sound of my pencil rolling down into my lap and then me setting it back up again. It was quite possible, no very possible, that everyone was irritated with me… Course I didn’t know for sure until I felt a tap on shoulder. Then a polite whisper in my ear. If that wasn’t enough to confirm my suspicions then the fact everyone was glaring at my back might be one.

    Everyone got really stressed over these exams, and as I glanced around the room to find a humorous sight. Many kids held their head in their hands as if it weighed to much for their neck alone. There was one kid, Twitchy I like to call him, that was continuously running his fingers through his short cropped head of dirty blond hair. Abby, one of my friends, was almost devouring her pencil. Her slightly bucked front teeth sawed against the pitiful pencil. It was lucky that she was getting braces soon I thought with slight pity.  The kid left of me was Kevin. One of the smart few of our class, and you could swear they were like VIP’s of the school or something. Besides that fact he was a relatively nice person. I noticed the slightly strange expression that played across his face.. His fingernails dug into the pencil, at least it seemed like it, and sucked in a deep breath, as if to get ready for a sigh. Was he confused? Damn it. If he was confused how was I supposed to get through this test?


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April 2010



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